Field trip to Nairobi, 2015

Field trip to Nairobi, Kenya

How does one put sustainability and human rights into daily practice in an environment characterised by poverty and a lack of human rights? Where does one start? What should one prioritise?

The course includes a week-long field trip which aims to give the participants a practical insight into the dilemmas faced by values-based leadership in an environment lacking in human rights. The trip also allows the participants to get to know each other and have the opportunity to engage deeply in discussions on academic topics.

Last year's participants visited Scania's regional headquarters, the Swedish Embassy and the famous rose farms run in accordance with Fairtrade regulations. The visits and talks focused on the work surrounding the implementation of centrally formulated objectives into reality.




Theme: How do we improve inclusion and equality in the workplace?

  • Lecture by Muchiri Wahome, CEO of Deacons, who participated in Swedfund's project Women4Growth
  • A visit to the Swedish embassy and a meeting with the Ambassador of Sweden to Kenya, Johan Borgstam, and his staff.
  • A talk by Karin Rådström, Sales Manager at Scania, and Lennart Hernander, Programme Coordinator at the Lutheran World Federation.



Theme: What is involved in the practical implementation of principles and policies related to human rights?

The day consisted of:

  • A visit to Scania. The host was Per Holmström, Regional Manager of Scania East Africa.
  • A meeting with female domestic workers to discuss their working conditions, through Women's Empowerment Link.



Theme: Anti-corruption

The day consisted of:

  • Role-playing and case-based exercises
  • Meeting with Lina Jorheden, Regional Manager of Atlas Copco.
  • A talk about leadership culture with Kenyan middle managers who work with Swedish top-level managers.
  • Dinner which included a talk by Hans Lind, Regional Manager of We Effect, on the subject of leadership and personal responsibility.



Full day at Panda Flowers, the Fairtrade rose farm in Naivasha.

Focus on:

  • The Environment
  • Labour law
  • Is trade always right, even if it's fair trade?
  • Fairtrade vs. non-Fairtrade
  • Women's rights
  • Immigrant work



A visit to Naivasha Women's Hospital and Women's Empowerment Link project.

Photos from the trip